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Case Study by Inalytics Ltd. winner of the 2009, 2010 and 2011 Global Pensions Consultant Award



Dix Hills Partners is honored to have received Acquisition International's 2015 Award for "Best in Global Interest Rate Specialists" last year and a follow-up Award for Innovation in Glpbal Interest Rate Alpha in 2016, recognizing our success over the past 12 1/2 years in converting short-term global interest rate movements into alpha, or excess absolute return, for our investors. For further details, click here to see the interview in conjunction with our award.

Announced in a recent press release August 28, 2015, Dix Hills Partners is also excited to announce we are the recipient of the Hedge Fund of the Year - USA from Finance Monthly as part of their 2015 Investment Awards. We are honored to have been nominated and selected out of over 4500 registered votes by Finance Monthly subscribers. For the list of 2015 award recipients, click here. For the Dix Hills' overview, click here.

Over the 12 years, we have applied our expertise to two potential objectives for investors:

  • Improving the overall diversification of multi-strategy "liquid alternative" portfolios through the incorporation of Dix Hills Partners' uncorrelated alpha stream.
  • Improving the overall risk-adjusted returns of traditional fixed income portfolios while mitiaging the one-sided interest rate risk through our tactical duration management approach.

While most absolute return fixed income strategies add value primarily through credit management or leverage, Dix Hills seeks to delivers excess return by capturing opportunities resulting from global interest rate volatility, employing only highly liquid securities. As a result, our returns tend to be uncorrelated with most fixed income strategies, and can be a valuable diversifying component to a multi-strategy absolute return portfolio. 

With interest rate levels near historic lows, and the Federal Reserve starting having begun to tighten monetary policy, investors have become more focused on gaining control of their interest rate exposure as well as seeking to capitalize on the potential for increased volatility. Dix Hills Partners offers investors a time-tested option with a different approach, outlined in our white paper, Absolute Return Fixed Income.

Our clients have included global investors, including corporate and municipal pension plans, banks, insurance companies, mutual funds, State Treasury departments as well as family offices. 

Investor and managers seeking to take advantage of opportunities resulting from global interest rate volatility or attempting to gain better control of your interest rate exposure and risk should learn more about how we may be able to help.  For more information, please contact William Gordon, Chief Executive Officer, at 516.393.9136 or by e-mail at